Amakhosi River Spa


This elegant spa will take safari spa treatments to new heights. Here you can indulge each of your senses, by soaking up panoramic views of the Mkuze river, relaxing with the sounds of the surrounding bush, enjoy the skilled hands of our trained massage therapists, taste our selection of delicious beverages and healthy snacks and finish off with a refreshing swim in our new infinity pool.

At Amakhosi River Spa we use Africology, which is the leading natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare company in South Africa, Africology only uses natural ingredients with formulations and spa offerings, which are inspired by the wisdom of Africa's traditional healers and celebrate Africa's vibrant heritage, communities and plant life.

Guests can enjoy holistic body, skin and beauty rituals; rejuvenating massages and soothing treatments - these are designed to relax the body, and bring harmony to the spirit while preserving youthfulness and enhancing health and vitality. Some of our signature treatments are:

AMAKHOSI SIGNITURE TREATMENT - balances your mind, body and soul with this energy healing massage. Feel the stresses of everyday life slowly melt away as we take you on a journey to the gentle sounds of the Mkuze River. Africologys calming chamoline butter is used to perform your journey leaving you one with yourself and your world around you.

AFRICOLOGY BESPOKE FACIALS - our bespoke facials are designed specifically with each client's needs in mind. We offer a variety of serums that will address particular skin issues. Each facial is specially made for each client. Like the phases of the moon, we would like to keep the hormonal phases of the body in natural rhythm.

SOUL OF AFRICA - Africology admires and emulates this ceremonial process, using Africa's miracle marula oil blended with neroli to soften the signs of aging through its anti stress action. This treatment starts with the application of warm mud to release stored up negativity in the muscles. Then marula oil is applied in preparation of your intuitive oil massage.

Amakhosi is a place of kings and now with our new spa there is no better place to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul in this unique African surrounding.


Amakhosi river spa reception area, stylishly decorated. Ladies receiving facial treatments at Amakhosi river spa. Towels and treats set out by lamp light for spa treatments at Amakhosi river spa. Africology range on tray at Amakhosi river spa.

Amakhosi River Spa Guest Menu


Amakhosi Signature Treatment 75 minutes | R770

Balance your mind, body and soul with this energy healing massage. Feel the stresses of everyday life slowly melt away as we take you on a journey to the gentle sounds of the Mkuze River. Africology’s calming butters are used to perform your journey leaving you one with yourself and your world around you.


Hot Stone 45 minutes | R460

75 minutes | R770


A deeply relaxing & therapeutic hot stone massage that gently soothes tight sore muscles and balances energy by releasing emotional & physical blockages.


Bespoke Intuitive Herbal Oil Massage 30 minutes | R385


60 minutes | R715


You may choose from a range of Africology aromatherapy-infused massage oils, which are warmly applied and massaged deeply onto the body. This therapy works on tight muscles and lymph drainage, combating tension in stiff aching bodies. Your therapist will assist you in choosing the oil best suited for you from one of the following blends: Relaxing, Slimming Detox, Muscle Relaxing and Energizing.


Africology Shea Aromatherapeutics 45 minutes | R440


75 minutes | R770


Easy-melting Shea from Ghana blended with healing African potato, rooibos and natural essential oils creates a sublime, beautiful body experience. Shea, normally as hard as rock, once applied to the skin melts deeply into the upper layers of the dermis to hydrate, soothe and condition. The Shea is combined with your sensory selection of various essential oils such as exotic jasmine, neroli, black pepper balm or chamomile for a soothing and calming massage.


Balancing Scalp & Leg Ritual 45 minutes | R440

A balancing massage treatment helping to relax, relieve tension in the scalp, legs and feet as well as working on calming and relaxing pressure points to help restore energy balance. This treatment works on the head, legs (including wrap) and feet individually but as a whole helps to relax and relieve tension in areas that are often neglected.


Intonga Amasatchi 45 minutes | R490 

75 minutes | R820


We know that the body has a memory of all emotional experiences. An inability to let go often expresses itself in the body that can be blamed for low immunity. Intonga Amasatchi is a deep tissue and stress-relieving treatment. Skillful movements are performed with the hands, and differently sized wooden sticks are used to stretch tight muscles and ease toxic overload from daily stress. Symbolically, the stick or staff represented wisdom and direction to the healer. Created from yellow wood, the traditional healer knew that the energy of earth a valuable tool.


Soul of Africa Massage 45 minutes | R605

90 minutes | R1045


Africology admires and emulates this ceremonial process, using Africa’s miracle marula oil blended with Neroli to soften signs of ageing through its anti-stress action. In Africa, marula is also used to treat sun-damaged skin as it improves skin hydration and helps fight free radicals. This treatment starts with the application of warm, soothing mud to release negativity stored in the muscles. Then marula oil is applied in preparation for your intuitive body and scalp massage.


Inkomfi Renewal 30-45 minutes | R450

Traditionally before any ceremony takes place there is a preparatory process, and the Inkomfi Sloughing process reveals a bright new you underneath. This application gently exfoliates lifeless skin cells with a natural walnut and marula shell grain, whilst simultaneously hydrating living skin. The treatment is finished with a nourishing, antioxidant body cocktail. The aromas of South African geranium and neroli in a blend of essential oils further transform a stressful mind-set to one of enduring tranquility.

Hypoxis Body Experience 120 minutes | R1540

Anti-aging & Repair Sun damage

Our body experience starts with a sugar exfoliation combined with warm compresses to prepare and purify the skin. Our pure and natural Hypoxis body wrap is formulated with African potato and marula oil, warmly applied to soften, soothe and improve skin hydration while also fighting free radical damage. Enjoy a traditional foot ritual and deeply relaxing scalp massage while the wrap is melted into the skin. A soothing massage with body conditioning marula oil completes the experience.


Africa’s Slimming Detox Mud 120 minutes | R1320

Not suitable for pregnant women

We use an African plant combination infused into a natural mud to help with circulation and lymph. This invigorating wrap begins with a stimulating exfoliation, working on circulation and lymph before the warm wrap is applied and heated. This wrap works particularly well for bodies in need of a detox owing to acidic conditions, arthritis and oedema, it is completed with a circulatory massage and energy balancing.


Africology Bespoke Body Treatment 90 minutes | R880

Our bespoke body treatments are the ultimate luxury. After a full consultation with your therapist a tailor-made body experience is customized, using a combination of scrubs, and wraps to indulge in your every need. Allow us to intuitively work with your body and change your state of mind.

Africology Bespoke Facial 60 minutes | R715

Our Bespoke facials are designed specifically with each client’s needs in mind. We offer a variety of serums that will address particular skin issues. Depending on the serum that your trained therapist choses for you, each facial is specially made for each client. Like the phases of the moon, we would like to keep the hormonal phases of the body in natural rhythm.


African Goddess Facial 90 minutes | R1100

Begin with the mentally relaxing notes created by a Tibetan singing bowl, the African Goddess facial is a treatment designed to honour the goddess within. Our de-stressing, anti-aging, cell-renewal facial is rich in natural oils. Deeply hydrating, it restores elasticity and stimulates new cell growth. The back is scrubbed before a balm-infused back massage. Only once the back has been restored to its relaxed state does the facial begin. This treatment is a wonderful ritual that involves cleansing, massage and sound therapy.

Copper Hot Stone Pedicure 60 minutes | R385

This luxurious African pedicure begins by soaking the feet in an energy balancing copper bath, followed by warm massage of the legs reducing water retention and improving circulation. Hot stones are used to massage the soles of the feet and calf muscles, using heat to penetrate and relax. An African potato mask is applied to the feet to soften rough areas and lock moisture in, extra 15 minutes to paint.


Detox Intonga Pedicure 60 minutes | R418

Not suitable for pregnant women

Swollen and tired legs? Combating poor circulation, lymph build-up and water retention is the focus of this deluxe spa pedicure. A warm application of detoxifying mud followed by a pressure point massage will leave your legs feeling light and deeply hydrated. A great treatment after a long flight or heavy exercise.


African Potato Manicure 45-60 minutes | R385

This relaxing manicure is about treating the skin and nails naturally to keep them hydrated, flexible and strong. An intensely hydrating African potato wrap blended with rooibos, aloe and marula antioxidants is applied to ensure continued skin health and to rejuvenate the hands.



A full consultation is done prior to your treatment; please arrive 20 minutes early to allow for this, and time to change so that your treatment time is not affected. Please note that all spa treatments need to end on time and a late arrival will result in a shortened treatment time to accommodate other guests fairly. The original price for the treatment will still be charged regardless of the duration.


Spa Amenities

For your convenience we supply complimentary shampoo and spa body products, bath robes, slippers and disposable under garments.



Advanced booking prior to your arrival is strongly recommended to secure your preferred date and time of treatment. Please call the spa directly, or reception. We accept bookings from 8.30am to 4.00pm. Later treatments can be done, by prior arrangement.


Cancellation Policy

In the event that you need to cancel please notify the spa as soon as possible, there will be no charge if booked and cancelled on the same day. All other bookings require a 24hr notice or the full cost of the appointment will be charged to your account.



We have a lovely Rim Flow pool overlooking the Mkuze River, a deck area and a gym. So whether relaxing or exercising, the sounds of nature will take your experience to a whole new level.


Our Spa is situated in the heart of nature; we request that you assist us to keep the atmosphere tranquil and relaxing by keeping the noise level to a minimum and considering other guests.


Please turn your cell phones off or on silent and please no smoking at the Spa. Kindly note that children under the age of 16 are not permitted in this area.



For bookings: | 034 414 1152


Terms and Conditions apply.

All bookings are subject to availability.

All prices are quoted in South African Rand and are subject to change without prior notice.

A gratuity can be left at your discretion.