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Below is a list of our news and happenings at Amakhosi Safari Lodge. This section is continually updated keeping you informed at all times.

April 2019

Easter Treats by Chef Lauren

Easter Cake - by Chef Lauren

March 2019

Cheetah fever by Ranger Jacques

Cheetah Fever- Image Ranger Rowan Poortier Not too long ago lion fever took over Amakhosi with the arrival of our five beautiful lion cubs.

March 2019

The elusive cat

Leopard - Amakhosi

December 2018

The mystical waterbuck by ranger Jacques

November 2018

Chef Laurens Bobotie

Amakhosi Bobotie Spring Rolls

November 2018

Chef Rejoice

Working with passion is more encouraging than depending on experience!

October 2018

The beautiful and majestic Nyala

October 2018

Animal that commands great respect!


October 2018

Chef Lauren's Vegetable Cake

Chef Lauren is legendary, her high tea's are always a highlight of most stays.  Recently Chef decided to try out this new invention and trust us when we say it is deliciously healthy! 

September 2018

Amakhosi River SPA - Treatment of the month

Amakhosi Signature Treatment

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