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Guess Who is Back?

March 2021

Phillip Khumalo

We at Amakhosi are very happy to have Phillip Khumalo back on the team, Phillip has a passion for wildlife and a special talent in sharing his knowledge and teaching people how to identify birds, Phillip has a unique way of calling the birds, he mimics their call so closely which have resulted in sightings of many wonderful birds coming out of hiding when hearing his call.  Watch this space as Phillip will be hosting some introduction to birding weekends.


Woodland Kingfisher


More about Phillip:

I am Phillip Mphini Khumalo, I was born and raised in the Ndumo, Kwa Zulu Natal. From an early age I was looking after my father’s cattle and goats that roam freely. I learned a great deal about tracking and general bush skills doing this. In 1996 I was employed by Wilderness Safaris in the Ndumo game reserve as a driver. Whilst working there a good friend gave me my first bird book. I immediately got excited and started studying all the bird names and calls, this soon became a passion. I later became knowledgeable enough to be employed as a professional bird guide at the Ndumo game reserve.


For 10 years I enhanced my birding skills there, arguable the most special place in the country to do so. In 2007 I joined the team at Amakhosi where I worked until 2014. I left the team after that so that I could tend to my family farm for a few years. After finishing my commitments on the farm I joined a game lodge again further extending my wildlife knowledge. NOW I am very excited to be back with the Amakhosi Team! It feels like being back with my other family! My passion for conservation runs deep and I hope that we can all work together in order to conserve our wildlife for future generations to enjoy!



Southern Yellow billed Hornbill


Quick Facts:

Philip Favourite bird:  is the Greater Honey Guide Why:  When you walk in the bush they will call very closely and make a noise with the intent that you follow them to a bees nest, so you can take out some honey and enjoy it BUT you must leave a little honey for the bird, otherwise bad luck will follow.

The birds he most wants to see: Angola Pitta very rare bird Why: found in Botswana and Zimbabwe and hopes to travel there one day

Favourite birding spot:  Ndumo  Why : He grew up there and it is a special birding area where he has seen so many special birds through the years.


Fish Eagle


I am looking forward to seeing you all at the lodge!!







Cape Glossy Starling