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Amakhosi Newsletter November

News from our Private Kingdom. Dear Amakhosi friends and supporters. We have had a tremendous amount of feedback from guests raving about our

Guess Who is Back?

Guess Who is Back? March 2021 Phillip Khumalo   We at Amakhosi are very happy to have Phillip Khumalo back on the team , Phillip has a passion for wildlife and a special talent in sharing his knowledge and teaching people how to identify birds, Phillip has a unique way of calling the birds, he mimics… Continue reading Guess Who is Back?

Rescue of a Crowned Eagle

Alwyn was working in the reserve and came across a near frozen Crowned Eagle which he rescued and is being nursed to health

Hamerkop – by Ranger Jac

During lockdown Ranger Jaques has been patrolling the reserve to keep an eye on our wildlife and reserve and he has been having some lovely sightings – some of the feathered kind

Bush Beat no 20

Summer is just around the corner and with that the arrival of the much needed rains and the Amakhosi reserve is looking

Introducing Isigodlo

Private Villa Experience. Amakhosi is proud to launch something new and exciting and an alternative to offer