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Birds of Amakhosi : The Paradise Flycatcher!

Paradise Flycatcher

BIRDS OF AMAKHOSI: THE PARADISE FLYCATCHER!       If you’re looking for a bird that embodies grace and beauty, look no further than the Paradise Flycatcher. With its long, flowing tail and bright colours, this bird is a delight to behold. If you’re lucky enough to visit the Amakhosi Private Game Reserve in northern… Continue reading Birds of Amakhosi : The Paradise Flycatcher!

Guess Who is Back?

GUESS WHO’S BACK AT AMAKHOSI SAFARI LODGE!     Phillip Khumalo We at Amakhosi are very happy to have Phillip Khumalo back on the team , Phillip has a passion for wildlife and a special talent in sharing his knowledge and teaching people how to identify birds, Phillip has a unique way of calling the birds,… Continue reading Guess Who is Back?

Rescue of a Crowned Eagle

Alwyn was working in the reserve and came across a near frozen Crowned Eagle which he rescued and is being nursed to health

Hamerkop – by Ranger Jac

During lockdown Ranger Jaques has been patrolling the reserve to keep an eye on our wildlife and reserve and he has been having some lovely sightings – some of the feathered kind