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Lions at Amakhosi: New “Boys” on the Block! 

Guests just loving the sightings - Photo Credit Max Wright

Meet the two new male lions!!

The Bushveld Choir

In the bushveld, there is a choir made up of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. This choir only plays on special occasions when everything is just right when good rains

Humorous Look at the Chameleon

A tongue in cheek look at the awesome Chameleon by Ranger Pierre

Chama Chama Chama Chama Chama Chameleon!

Image by Sissel Taylor

The Mystical Waterbuck by Ranger Jacques

According to bush fundi’s the trademark white ring around the rump of a waterbuck acts as a “follow me” sign. Females and their young live in herds, when they flee from any impending danger the white ring will induce other members of the herd to follow

Animal That Commands Great Respect!

Animal That Commands Great Respect! October 2018 AN ANIMAL TO BE RESPECTED! We stopped for sundowners at one of my favourite spots after another exciting safari. A section of the river where a natural pool forms, a firm favourite for our hippos. As King and I unpack the drinks and snacks I listen to the… Continue reading Animal That Commands Great Respect!

The Beautiful and Majestic Nyala

Working with passion is more encouraging than depending on experience!

Old Spots

Christiaan Schmidt is one of our senior and popular rangers and this is a recent and great sighting!

Dance of Dominance

Dance of dominate as witnessed by Ranger Jacques