Bush Bulletin No 20

October 2010

Bush Bulletin No. 20

October 2010

Summer is just around the corner and with that the arrival of the much needed rains and the Amakhosi reserve is looking wonderful.
Our new team has settled in nicely and from the wonderful comments we have been receiving from our guests, I am pleased to announce they are delivering exceptional service. I hope you will visit us in the new future, to experience this for yourself and with the great specials we have at the moment, I am confident we will see you soon.

Ben ter Huurne (MD


Rangers Report
Almost as quickly as winter had set in, it has all but dissappeared and we are now looking forward to the summer months which lie in wait.
Nearly every single creature, whether it was bird, butterfly, elephant or fish, all eagerly anticipated the first rains of the season. Our prayers were finally answered a few days ago when mother nature graciously poured down on us, bringing a welcome respite from the piercing dryness. It won’t be too long before we begin to see the grasses progress from a pale brown to robust greenery and the flowers begin to bloom a myriad of magical colours with sweet scents to attract the pollinators by their thousands.
But it’s not just the colours that change this time of the year, the dynamics amongst our wildlife changes too, and with the rains, come the births and hatchings of creatures great and small. Impala and Wildebeest are just two of the mammals who’s numbers increase significantly during this time and so too, the interest taken in them by their natural predators. The game of survival becomes takes on a different aspect and only those whose instinct is sharper with reactions to match will survive.

We have enjoyed some truly fantastic sightings over the past two months, many of which have been posted on our website blog, but some which have also remained unrecorded and which remain an integral part of the mystique of the African bushveld we call home. ‘First time’ sightings for many of our rangers too and being able to share them with our guests just makes them so much more hungry for the bush and what it reveals to us, if we just give it the time and respect it commands. It truly is a magical area which we find ourselves in and we are indeed blessed to be able to share it with all who pass our way….it’s an experience never to forget.

Meet The Team
Shane, lodge ranger at Amakhosi, is a home-grown KwaZulu Natal boy and proudly so. Also a keen birder, Shane thoroughly enjoys spending time out there and show-casing our magnificent reserve to his guests. After being at Amakhosi for more than 3 years now, he has maintained his enthusiasm and says being at Amakhosi brings out the best in him.
Mandla makes up the other half of this special team. He has been tracking at Amakhosi since he teemed up with Shane and is just crazy about working in the area which he grew up in. His home is directly behind the reserve in the rolling hills of Zululand.

Bush NewsFlash
There is great excitement in the spring air as Phillip Khumalo, one of our lodge rangers, has been promoted to the position of Head Ranger at Amakhosi Safari Lodge.
Phillip is ecstatic about his appointment and is relishing the opportunity to jump in and make a positive contribution. From the entire team at Amakhosi Safari Lodge, we wish Phillip all the best in his new role.
Bush Quiz
When irritated or disturbed, the swallowtail caterpillar bends its head back and shoots out a brightly coloured forked organ called the osmeterium, from just behind its head. It has a pungent odour of lemons and often keeps predators away. The Central African Swallowtail is the largest butterfly in Africa with a wingspan of approximately 22cm.

Bush Telegraph
1. “For the 2nd time visit, great place to stay. We had a memorable time. Thank you to everyone" The Gemmill Family - Mt Edgecombe South Africa, 12 October 2010

2. “The best place we ever been! Lovely Place, wonderful staff. Big experience for the children and for us" Dyveke, Dagfinn, Mathias and Maria Larsen, Norway, 12 Ocotober 2010

3. “Fantastic experience, our highlight: Vine Snake; Leopard Tortoise and of course the Big 5” Bougwald Family - Angola ,19th October 2010 -,

Sizzling Hot Special - extended
Why not spoil your loved ones and bring them to our wonderful lodge for a well deserved break?
By popular demand we have extended our amazing spring special, Pay for two nights and stay for free on your third night!

Thats not all - we have introduced another special for the guests that don't have the time for a three night stay. Stay for two nights and your partner can stay free on the second night!!
Rates are per person sharing per night, and fully inclusive of the following:

•Accommodation in a Luxurious Suite with a view on the River and a private viewing deck
•3 Meals daily
•2 game drives with qualified guides

This special applies only to new bookings with a minimum stay of two or three nights and is subject to availability. Valid for stay up till the 30 November 2010. Conditions and limited block out periods apply.