Bush Beat No 21

February 2011

Bush Beat No. 21

February 2011

Summer is a wonderful time of year , the abundance of rains have brought new life to the reserve, as well as spectacular scenery. From the latest guest feedback the reports have been amazing with compliments on our enthusiastic team of rangers which ensured our guests had unforgettable sightings to the warm hosting of our lodge staff that ensured each guest received a kings welcome. We have shared some of these sightings and compliments on our website and on our social media , Facebook, twitter and our blog. With some of the great specials we have this month we are sure we will be welcoming you to our wonderful lodge soon.
Regards Ben ter Huurne (MD)


Bush Bulletin:

It’s a new year with new beginnings and so far it’s been filled with excitement and happenings only the African bush can deliver!
It has been a fantastic last few months at Amakhosi Safari Lodge and on the game reserve too. To say we have been spoilt by the quality of big game sightings, as well as unique and unusual sightings, would really not be an exaggeration of any sorts. The cats have treated us to some breath-taking moments. From quietly observing the hunting craft of the pride females to enjoying the playful antics of the growing Bafana boys, we have seen the lions almost every day in different moods and forms of activity. The Leopards have also made a very welcome appearance lately and our guests have enjoyed some quality sightings of this every-elusive solitary animal. They are truly wild Leopards and that’s what makes it even more special. What a treat! And not to forget the other favourites among these magnificent animals, this has got to be one the best reserves in Southern Africa to view Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo in their natural environment. Do our rangers share a special bond with these creatures, a sort of sixth sense of communication? It’s almost difficult to believe that they don’t.
The summer rains have ensured a good calving season and no-one here is dissappointed, least of all the rangers and our many guests. What is it about a tiny version of the adult which induces the “oohs” and “aaahs” of even the most seasoned wildlife enthusiast? Its hard to imagine that a new born Elephant calf can fit under its mothers belly or how strikingly similar the young Cheetah cubs are to the Honeybadger’s colouration. Baby Impala’s still trying to find their feet on planet earth never straying too far from their mothers, scruffy Zebra foals dashing in between a sea of black & white and fawn-coloured Blue Wildebeest calves playfully testing the boundaries of their comfort zones certainly does tug at the heart-strings when watching these newcomers to the bush.
There’s nothing like a nice relaxed early morning Cheetah sighting on the open plains in the presence of strikingly coloured Painted Reed Frogs and Wahlber’g Eagles crying from the tree-tops. What better way to enjoy the morning game-drive refreshment break, than with a cup freshly brewed Amarula Coffee with soft-baked muffins, overlooking Amazulu’s vast expanse of rolling hills and bushveld. If ever you dreamed of an African safari, this would be as close as you get.

Meet the Team:

Chef Rejoice

Rejoice is the rock of Amakhosi’s kitchen and having been with us for more than 10yrs, Rejoice certainly understands and knows what satisfies the most discerning taste buds and loves to impress with an flare of culinary aromas which has our guests giving us the ‘unofficial’ title in the “best food stakes (excuse the pun!) lodge category.”
Rejoice was born raised in the nearby town of Magudu, located just outside our game reserve. She has 2 strong and healthy young boys, Siyabonga – 13yrs old and Ndumiso – 3yrs old.
Rejoice dreams of becoming Amakhosi’s Head Chef and loves to relax and spend time with her family during her days off.

Bush News:

Congratulations to Jeremy Duze, (right) one of our trackers, for being voted the Amakhosi Safari Lodge – Staff Member of the Year 2010. What a wonderful achievement, it is well deserved and we are all very proud of him.

It’s Official.… Phillip Khumalo (left) is our Specialist Birding Guide. As many of you will know, Phillip our Head Ranger, is extremely passionate about birding and he certainly has the knowledge and experience to back it up and is considered by many ornithologists and respected trainers as one of KwaZulu-Natal’s top birding guides. So for all the keen birders out there, with over 400 bird species and Phillip as your specialist bird guide, Amakhosi should be top of your list.

Bush Quiz:

Why do Zebras have black & white stripes?

Heat regulation! Below the black stripes is a good layer of fat which increases heat absorption from the sun. Below the white stripes is good supply of sweat glands which gives off heat. Therefore, the air above the black stripes is heated whereas the air above the white stripes is not and this creates a difference in air temperature which causes a slight movement of air between the stripes and over the sweat glands, thus keeping the Zebra cool. Nature’s own air-conditioner.

Bush Telegraph:

“Thank you for everything, best place we have been – ever !!! We will never forget” Ruden Family 26 December 2010

“1st safari – Big 5 done!! Amazing experiences, exceeded all our expectations. Thank you to everyone, we will highly recommend” Kevin & Kate Konnelly 07 January 2011

“Everything was absolutely amazing, what a fantastic way to end an African trip & for our daughter to celebrate her birthday” Bartel Family 04 January 2011

Bush Special:

February is the month of love!!!

So why not spoil your loved one with this amazing special ?


Rate includes:
- Accommodation in our luxurious River Suite
- 3 Meals daily including soft drinks and house wines
- 2 game drives per day with qualified guides

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