Birds of Amakhosi : The Paradise Flycatcher!

Paradise Flycatcher

BIRDS OF AMAKHOSI: THE PARADISE FLYCATCHER!       If you’re looking for a bird that embodies grace and beauty, look no further than the Paradise Flycatcher. With its long, flowing tail and bright colours, this bird is a delight to behold. If you’re lucky enough to visit the Amakhosi Private Game Reserve in northern… Continue reading Birds of Amakhosi : The Paradise Flycatcher!

Lions at Amakhosi: New “Boys” on the Block! 

Guests just loving the sightings - Photo Credit Max Wright

Meet the two new male lions!!

Guess Who is Back?

GUESS WHO’S BACK AT AMAKHOSI SAFARI LODGE!     Phillip Khumalo We at Amakhosi are very happy to have Phillip Khumalo back on the team , Phillip has a passion for wildlife and a special talent in sharing his knowledge and teaching people how to identify birds, Phillip has a unique way of calling the birds,… Continue reading Guess Who is Back?

New Arrivals: Cheetah Cubs!

New arrivals!! The birth of 4 cheetah cubs on the reserve

Elephant Bulls Translocation to Amakhosi

In order to strengthen our genetic pool on our existing elephants ensuring diversity and preventing inbreeding in the future. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife kindly donated 2 elephant bulls from their Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve which were transported and are now making Amakhosi Safari Lodge their new home.

Rescue of a Crowned Eagle

Alwyn was working in the reserve and came across a near frozen Crowned Eagle which he rescued and is being nursed to health

World Bunny Chow Day – 26 June

#WorldBunnyChowDay Bunny Chow Amakhosi Style!

Cheetah Darting and Relocation

During lockdown the team had to dart 3 of our cheetah two for re-collaring and one for relocation watch the video to learn more

The Bushveld Choir

In the bushveld, there is a choir made up of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. This choir only plays on special occasions when everything is just right when good rains

Hamerkop – by Ranger Jac

During lockdown Ranger Jaques has been patrolling the reserve to keep an eye on our wildlife and reserve and he has been having some lovely sightings – some of the feathered kind