Amakhosi River Spa – Treatment of the Month

September 2018


Amakhosi Signature Treatment 

Khombi’s just loves to pamper our guests and this month she suggests that you book a 75-minute Amakhosi Signature Treatment.


Balance your mind, body and soul with this energy healing massage. Feel the stresses of everyday life slowly melt away as we take you on a journey to the gentle sounds of the Mkuze River. Africology’s calming butters are used to perform your journey leaving you one with yourself and your world around you. At Amakhosi River SPA we only use Africology products, we know that when we activate the olfactory system, we induce positive emotions. Africology’s intention is to nurture the mind, empower the spirit and create a sense of happiness. knowing that, no matter where in the world you are, there is a little Africa within you. It is that place in your soul that yearns for nurturing, self-acceptance, love and healing.



The reason we love these products as they are committed to blending pure, natural ingredients with love and divine intention. To harm none by being conscious of our planet and all who inhabit it. Their formulations are enhanced with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are bio-identical to your biology. Always evolving, we know that nothing is constant. So come and unwind and relax and become one with nature to book a treatment email