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Amakhosi Guiding Team in Kruger National Park

June 2019

Guiding Team Enjoying the Kruger National Park

Often our guests at the lodge would mention that they have either been to the Kruger Park area or are going there after Amakhosi and our local Zulu trackers and guides would often ask me where it is. I decided it was time to take the whole guiding team there and show them why people always talk about this amazing national park, so I booked us a stay at Kruger National Park from the 30thof May to the 3 of June 2019. I decided it would be great for team building as well as an educational trip, we started our first day at Berg and Dal camp, then we stayed a night Satara and ended off our stay with 2 nights at Olifants.


There was great excitement amongst the guys as we travelled, most of the trees where familiar but there were also species that does not occur in Zululand like Jackal berries, Apple leafs, Baobabs etc. It was nice to see the guys out of their comfort zone away from our beautiful Zululand bush and eager to learn and discover. Birds like Kori Bustard, Saddle Billed stork and Grey go away bird, mammals like Sable antelope, Tree squirrels and African wild cat all contributed to enriching the team’s wildlife background. I decided to share my knowledge and passion to teach them all I know about the history of the park and visiting sights such as the Skukuza museum, Paul Kruger statue and the stunning elephant museum in Letaba.


Team eager to learn more

Everybody was impressed by the sheer size of Kruger and realised its importance in our country’s history and culture but importantly for us is that some of our staff got the opportunity to see a bit more of our beautiful country.


Special memories for the team

We had wonderful experiences including one evening late when 3 honey badgers broke into our fridge and stole our mince, ham and cheese! Our team was also amazed at the amount of tourists flocking to animal sightings, restaurants and sights of interest, Zakhele said he was happy that it was not so crazy on our reserve! Wonderful memories for our Amakhosi guiding team!


Alwyn Wentzel

Operations Manager

Amakhosi Safari Lodge