Frisky Waterbuck & Curious Bush Babies

“Life in the bush can be quite difficult and frustrating, especially when one comes from the other side of the world to experience Africa and its wonderful creatures……
This is probably what our guests from France must have felt like when they arrived late in the afternoon after having to face nature’s wrath in a full-blown thunderstorm on their way to the lodge.
After a plunge in the pool followed by a hot shower, a very relaxed and cheerful group greeted us at the bar, and soon everyone was talking and having a good time.Just as the dinner-drums were beaten, two bush babies made their appearance much to the delight of our guests!
The two little primates entertained us for a few minutes before making themselves comfortable in a corner from where they had good view over all the guests (and their dinner plates as well I’m sure!).
Not too long after the bush baby surprise, two waterbuck appeared out of nowhere and raised quite an uproar as they started their ‘late-night show’ right there in front of us in the spotlight!
As if that wasn’t funny enough, Rhona, in her Scottish accent, said: “Look at those two frisky waterbuck!” which had all of us clutching out stomachs with laughter!
Well, in spite of bad weather and slippery roads, we enjoyed the evening with our ‘frisky’ waterbuck and the two curious furry friends.
After a few camera-clicks we went back to dinner just to hear a male leopard marking his territory by vocalizing opposite the lodge!
So, even without a proper ‘game drive’, we still enjoyed a fantastic evening with more than what we bargained for plus a spectacular display of ‘fireworks’! “

- Mandie -

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